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Comprehensive school Jezowe:

The comprehensive school of Jezowe only consists of about 200 students and is located in the foreland of the Carpathians in southern-east Poland. The school is preparing their students for becoming hairdressers and construction workers.

School website (in Polish)

The polish school-system:

Students in Poland start with one year in pre-school, followed by eight years in primary school. The first three years the students are divided into classes, the years four to eight are completed in courses with exams at the end of year eight. Following this students have three options:

Secondary schools:

  • The general "Lizeum":
    High school with graduation equal to A-levels. Attended for four years.
  • The "Technikum":
    The "Technikum", a college of technology, aswell offers graduation equal to A-levels combined with an apprenticeship. Because of this the Technikum takes five instead of four years to complete.
  • A professional school:
    Attending a professional school is the fastest way to start working with a length of atleast three years with the option of two more. It's finished with exams and a completed apprenticeship.

Visiting public schools is free in Poland, necessary equipment like school books have to be bought by the students or their families. Compulsory school attendance lasts till the age of 18.

Studying in Poland:

There is a total of 130 state- and 315 non-state universities in Poland. Having graduated is required to enter. There are no study fees at state-owned universities. Living in Poland is cheap compared to other european countries, although a flat in a major city can be almost as expensive as in western europe.

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