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The Bolyai-Janos high school is a school in Hungary with about 570 students.

The main focus of the school is to improve the students individual skills, which is achieved by giving them a variety of different courses to choose from. One of the special features is the DSD-Language centre, where students can take exams in german.

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The Hungarian school system:

The school career in Hungary starts with four or eight years in elementary school, after that the students can choose between three different models:

  • Four or five more years on a high school, a specialised high school or a specialised middle school
  • After four years in elementary school students can switch to a high school for eight more years
  • Six years in elementary school, after which students can switch to a high school for six more years

The high school ends with final exams and graduation. There are also specialised high schools where you can not only get the same degree as on a high school but aswell are prepared for a specific job. Because of this, the specialised high school takes a year longer.

The compulsory school attendance ends at the age of sixteen.

Studying in Hungary:

In Hungary there are a total of 72 universities and high schools. At state owned High schools there are no studying fees for hungarian natives, foreigners on the other hand have to pay tuition fees. Hungary is known as an outstanding country for studying. Hungary has it's focus set on research and knowledge.

Hungary mostly is not as expensive as Germany, whereas apartments in large cities are almost as expensive as in western countries.

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