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The high school in Lehrte near Hannover has about 1200 students. Founded in 1900, the school has  participated in international exchange projects for many years. The school offers several specialised classes like a bilingual class and an orchestra class. One of the fundamental concepts is the support of very talented students. The high school in Lehrte is a European school and takes part in multiple EU-supported projects like Erasmus+.

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German school system

In Germany the educational life starts with four years of primary school. After those years the students are separated in three different types of school, depending on their individual grades.

  • The ‘Hauptschule’. With at least five years it’s the shortest type of school. Its focus is on preparing the students for a specificcareer after school
  • The ‘Realschule’. It’s with six years the middle type of school. It prepares the students for higher training in companies. After the six years the students get an intermediate school leaving certificate, which allows many jobs, typically in an officeenviroment.
  • The high school, called ‘Gymnasium’, is the highest type of school with eight or nine years, depending on the state. It prepares the students for the university.

Generally, it’s possible to switch between the different types of school.


Germany is very popular for studying because the universities have high standards and very small fees. Germany has a total of 124 universities.

The living costs in Germany, especially the costs for an apartment are, compared to the whole of Europe, very high.

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